Constructive Criticism

cge016Normally, when I draw cars, I get a reference pic and try to make it as close as I can… but where’s the fun in that?  So this is my version of my little hyundai accent!  …not entirely accurate!


the bane of every commuter’s existence!  I’m thankful i don’t have a long commute anymore.  When I was living in Chilliwack and going to college in Abbotsford (which is hardly a long commute, only about half an hour) the construction of a wire barrier between the lanes on the freeway was taking place.  Sometimes, it didn’t make any difference.  Sometimes, people would decide to go 15 kmh on the freeway, and i’d get to class when it was half over.

Today, I am commuting to vancouver island!  So my normally 15 minute on a scooter commute is going to be closer to 4 hours!  but at least 2 hours of it is on a boat.




clearly, i didn’t think this through.

2014-10-23i really want to get a cup holder for my scooter.  I think that would be awesome.  Hmm!  Kurt Burr- if you’re reading this, 3D PRINTING PROJECT PROPOSED.

Yesterday, I met diana for a quick coffee, and found myself throwing out half of my cup because I had to go before I was done and I had no way to carry the coffee on my scoots.

…Not before attempting what is depicted in panel three.

Have a great thursday everyone!  Tomorrow, I have a Bill Watterson tribute planned, and I’m excited as I will be sending off my first draft to the printers!



Mable’s a delight, really.

2014-8-6I’ve been trying to bike too and from work at least once a day for the month of august.  Most of the time, it’s been good… I put on an audio book and pedal.  Yesterday it was garbage day, which wasn’t awesome, because as I’m driving i’m catching a whiff of every house’s take out leftovers.  I distinctly remember some sort of curry, lasagne, and one house was particularly citrus-ey.

That which is pictured in the comic also happens with regularity…  those little mobility scooters take up a lot of space in the bike lane.  The bike lane is smoother than the side walk, so I can understand why seniors would use it, the only problem being they aren’t exactly easy to pass, and they don’t drive super consistently.  For example!  sometimes, they just stop.  for no reason.  OR!  they put it in reverse cause they wanted to see something posted on an electric pole.  You can imagine how it might be problematic to have someone you’re following suddenly and without warning throw their vehicle into full-speed reverse.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!