driving sleepy



so we drove Diana’s dad to the vancouver airport this morning at 5 AM!  THAT is an early drive, let me tell you. we managed to miss most of the morning commuter traffic. i was quite sleepy for the duration, 100% of my mental capacity was dedicated to not crashing.  it didn’t get quite this bad, but if i hadn’t of been driving with Diana and her dad chatting, i wouldn’t put it outside of the realm of possibility.

I have star trek settlers of catan, and it has inspired many of my recent star trek dreams.


use your words! or, commuting for dummies!

2013-12-4This comic strip is inspired by a funny story told to me by my good friend Clayton!
1)  If you’d like your name to be entered into a draw for a FREE BOOK of charlie and the ghost comic strips, it’s EASY!  all you gotta do is send an email to and say “I would like a free book!” and yes!  It’s like a contest, but much less formal.
2)  I’ve seen Pacific Rim a couple of times now, and i’m 100% sure that Gipsy Danger is the coolest name ever, and that if that movie were only the 25 minutes worth of robot fights, it would be sufficient.
Have a great Wednesday!