Cookies, part two


They’re to DIE FOR!

Have a great thursday everyone!  It’s thursday, right?  For some reason, I have lost my sense of time.


2014-6-27Girl guide cookies, Krispie Kreme doughnuts, bottle drives (which means you gotta drink coke), chocolate sales… MAN ALIVE!  Is there a way to raise funds that doesn’t involve sugar?  LET’S START A REVOLUTION!

I’m proposing that people sell CARROTS to raise funds, and people’s vision stats!

Have a great weekend everyone!  The girl in this comic is the grown-up version of my daughter!  yay!


slight overstatements never killed nobody


I might be one of the few people who prefers the old spider man movies to the new ones… although i haven’t seen the old ones in a while, maybe they didn’t age very well.  Anyways…

IF you live in chilliwack, make sure you come by 45187 tomorrow (saturday, may 10th) and buy some stuff at our garage sale to raise money!  I’m hoping we can raise around $1000, but who knows if this will happen.  CRAZY!

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone!

winter is for ovens, summer is for BBQs

2013-7-2Yesterday was a scorcher!  Today will be as well.  Not that I am complaining, it’s been rainy for a long while and it is nice to see some sun!

When I lived in regina, in an apartment, in the summer time, I was a HUGE pain to the rest of my room mates i’m sure because I firmly believed in heat management.  AKA, if it was hot, you had to turn off the lights.  Why?  Because this was back in the day before fancy no-heat LEDs and stuff like that!  If anything, we had SUPER-HEAT-HALOGENS or something.  Lights generate heat.  It made for some dark apartment days.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!