My Workspace reflects my headspace

I’m working from home. I’ve crammed my work office into my garage. It’s a little crammed, but so is my head, so what yah gonna do? It’s actually a pretty great way to get a ton of work done.

so what are you doing to pass the time?

Humour in trying times

I think this comic adequately expresses my feelings on the matter. These comics have always been a way to get my thoughts out of my head onto paper so I can actually get on with life. Hopefully these comics bring a smile to your face! We could all use a good smile these days.


People react to stress in different ways. Some people go to Costco and buy all the soup and toilet paper, some people use hand sanitizer and double efforts to wash their hands, some people latch on to conspiracy theories, and still others make comics that are set in space and could be seen as thinly veiled metaphors for current events Here on earth.

It looks like the whole world is in it for the long haul with corvid 19. It’s scary to be sure- nobody wants to get sick and die. Social media is a failure- instead of level headed discussion, it’s sensationalism and conspiracy (par for the course). Traditional media is click baiting to get greater engagement on their websites using the same fear based half-facts as everyone else. Maybe this will be the world-shattering event that requires renewed interest in due process.

anyway, it’s on my mind, and I had to make a comic about it, because that seems to be how I process stuff. Instead of dwelling on my fears, i strive to let fears drive me towards hope.