Self expression is key

The first thing I feel is “man, this sucks.” And then it’s “I’m thankful that, so far, me and my family aren’t sick with this.” And then it’s “but there are so many who are!” And then it’s “buckle down and do your part so that even more people don’t get sick.” And then it’s “will red robins even be open when this is all over?” Oh man.

I love making comics, it’s a part of my daily routine. I like being able to read them years later- it’s like keeping a diary, but it’s in code, because only I know the fifteen versions of each comic I didn’t make that express different aspects of what I was feeling when I made it. Anyways, it is cathartic, solace inducing.

Book making

Plenty of time to share interests with the kids!

Right now my daughter is big into comics and graphic novels geared towards kids. She also reads pretty much anything you put in front of her, so it’s pretty fun! But, tying to explain to her that making a perfect bound 200 page full colour graphic novel isn’t something you can do in an hour has proven to be interesting.

yes, yes, there are ways you can be crafty and make a perfect-bound book at home, but not with the supplies we have during this time of physical isolation. We’re stuck in our house. We’re burning through our supply of printer paper. I wonder if staples is considered an essential service?

Slow down, change!

Nobody was ready for this.

If I’ve learned anything in the last month, it’s that change can happen very fast and sometimes it leaves you flat on your face.

No problem

I am an introvert. But being stuck at home isn’t really an introvert’s dream! Being stuck anywhere is a pain.

Good news everyone!

No profit for me one way or another! Website traffic does nothing but drive my sense of self worth. I mean, not really, but it is nice to know people read these comics. Ha! Ugh. For real though, I do need to work on my self deprecation. I find it funny to be self deprecating, but others find it awkward (which is sort of the point, but it’s not really doing me any favours).

Clickbait headlines spouting bad news is something I’m used too. Clickbait headlines twisting bad news into good news? That’s new. What a world!


Why do I make this comic? Because it’s on my mind. It seems to be on everyone’s mind. People on my social media feeds are expressing their thoughts rather freely, and those reactions range from making light of the situation to full blown anger over the lack of panic. It’s all fear though, And I can understand that. It’s awful and scary to think that a person could be healthy one week and dead the next because of this virus. Have courage, be kind. Love your neighbour as yourself. Let’s be careful, but let’s be looking out for each other too, right?