Health conscious

This comic is based off of something we saw while driving around town. Can you name everything wrong with this comic? Haha.

this is 66.6666~% true

To all the mom-schoolers out there (moms who are now homeschooling not by choice), know that your efforts are not in vain!

Hard questions to answer

Haha! Ahh. Too much of a good thing and all that! I do love and like my kids, but I mean, I think it makes for a funny comic, so…

Rigorous standards

I thought I’d try my hand at real Media! The girls were doing school work on the table so I grabbed my pencil and paper and brushes and tried it out. I hated it so much I snapped a photo of it and added words and tried to clean it up on the iPad! Haha. I think it would be fun to draw on paper and ink it and scan that in to colour using software though. Anyways, it was a fun way to kill some time! And also, this conversation was very real. Except for the last panel. I mean, I’m not that stinky.

The new norm

I went grocery shopping today. I wore a bandana as a mask, because I don’t have a mask. I didn’t wear gloves (cause I don’t have any) but most everyone else did.

Self expression is key

The first thing I feel is “man, this sucks.” And then it’s “I’m thankful that, so far, me and my family aren’t sick with this.” And then it’s “but there are so many who are!” And then it’s “buckle down and do your part so that even more people don’t get sick.” And then it’s “will red robins even be open when this is all over?” Oh man.

I love making comics, it’s a part of my daily routine. I like being able to read them years later- it’s like keeping a diary, but it’s in code, because only I know the fifteen versions of each comic I didn’t make that express different aspects of what I was feeling when I made it. Anyways, it is cathartic, solace inducing.