That feeling never goes away

I mean, I am in masters studies, but every second class I’ve taken is online so there isn’t really such thing as “being late for class.” Two reoccurring annoying ways to wake up are the “late for class” and the “exam I forgot to study for” even though I haven’t had an exam in easily a decade. Yeesh!


sometimes, stuff just gets in the way

2014-1-2i think the most disgusting stuff that has ever blocked my path has been (in no particular order)

1)  a dead dog
2)  a dead deer
3)  a dead cat (let’s just say, road kill really grosses me out)
4)  a pile of used needles/syringes
5)  full diapers (as illustrated for you in glorious black and white!)
6)  …used tampons.

Road kill is one thing, but come on people, use the garbage!  blecht.

Anyway, what i’m getting at is this:  when life puts a bunch of crap in your path, plug your nose and carry on!



Away! part two.


this little gem is a left-over from grade seven.  We weren’t allowed to say crap, so I named my piece-of-crap main character “Crapo” which was just enough not to get in trouble?  except that all of the comics featured every poop pun and poop joke my 12 year old mind could think up.