true intimacy



Is this funny, or sad?  I think a lot of people see romance as a means to an end, and that end isn’t always healthy relational intimacy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if most people could put one or two of their own lines they’ve said or had said to them in Charlie’s last speech bubble and make this comic into a true story.

smooth like body butter! WAIT! NO!


this is but one of many conversations overheard on a weekend at a camp spent with a couple hundred teenagers.  Modified, of course, as teenagers no longer know what “unsolved mysteries” is, but the heart of the conversation has been left intact.


was I ever THAT awkward?  am I still that awkward?  oh man!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Ah, spring fever!


Chuckles, our very own Casanova.

Have a good thursday everyone!




2013-6-19bOh man!  This’ll probably be the last “full page” comic for a while, I think we’ll be back to three panels tomorrow.  They are a lot of fun to make but man alive are they time consuming!  I really like the idea of telling a whole story on a single page.  Hopefully I accomplished that here!
*so sleepy*
There’s a good chance my scooter might run out of gas on the way to work today, so I need to get motorin’.  Have a great wednesday everyone!


oh, young love.

2013-6-7So Diana and I were on date night last night at a “local eatery”.  the food was good.  Sitting next to us two booths over was a guy and a gal.  He was interested, she… wasn’t.  When they greeted each other, he went in for the hug, held on way too long, and man, you should of seen the look on both of their faces…  I got to see both of their faces, because HE MADE IT INTO A SPIN HUG.  He had his eyes closed and a smile from ear to ear; he was breathing the moment in deeply, savouring it… she looked like she had just seen a puppy get hit by a car, and as her arms flailed about by her side, and as I tried with all my might to hold pack a snicker, I realized that it’s gotta suck for a girl who just wants to have a normal friendship with a guy; she just wants food with a friend, and he’s putting a downpayment on their first condo.  How many times was I “that guy”?  -shudder-.  Thank goodness for Diana.