Instant no-bake Oreo cheesecake

Honestly, best recipe ever! If you’ve never dipped an Oreo in cream cheese and eaten it, well, let me tell you, you’re likely going to live longer.


I am pretty terrible at making Jack-O-Lanterns, but I am really good at eating pumpkin pie! Especially if it is in the form of the ever-elusive Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen. I say ever elusive because it exists, unadvertised, for a period of about a week, starting sometime in the fall. It’s their best blizzard by far, they should just make it all year round.

Anyways, if you’re Canadian, happy thanksgiving weekend! If you’re from not Canada, have a great weekend that may or may not be a holiday! 😉



Gingko’s is my FAVOURITE likely-inauthentic-but-still-delicious Chinese food restaurant in Chilliwack, which is where I live!  There are 3 locations for convenience’s sake!  and every item on the menu costs the same low-low price!  I seriously can’t get enough of it.


at one of the locations, they have a fish infestation.  The worst part is the fish tanks/fish tank smells are everywhere, but a big fish tank is right by the door, and when you walk in, the fish get startled and swim away really quickly, which makes a disgusting splashing fish sound.  -bloop- is the word i choose to describe it.  it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it!

This doesn’t have to be a problem as I don’t have to go to this particular location, but the 3 locations each close on a different day of the week, and the one that is closest to me (and somewhat fish-free)  is usually closed when I want Chinese food… which means I can either drive 15 minutes to fish location, or 30 minutes to the other fish-free option.  I’m cheap, which is why I eat there to begin with, so it’s unlikely i’ll spend the gas money.

Anyway!  Have a great day everyone!  Eat some Ginkgo’s!

what’s the magic word?


There are a few coffee shops and restaurants in chilliwack where the servers simply will not put up with any kind of one’s crap.  The servers are so used to getting sassed that sass is their default setting; animosity older then the earth itself has built the counter that separates these people and their patrons.  It always catches me by surprise when my request is met with (at best) passive aggressive snark and (at most entertaining) outright hostility, and I never know what to say in reply… Although, seeing as they have all the power in the transaction (and they do, because their product is that good) I guess I just gotta say what they want to hear, which is not a pleasant social interaction, but the weeping and gnashing of teeth.



I mean, it’s not like i’m starving or anything, but i really could go for some cheese triscuits.



2013-3-19This is comic is 100% autobiographical.  Not all of them are… but this one is, almost completely unchanged, ripped from the headlines of my actual life.  HEADLINES.
I hope everyone’s tuesday is going well!  I’m very excited, the “slow day” prototype book got delivered on monday, and I’ve got some stuff I gotta fix on it, but I thought i’d take the opportunity to remind you:  If you feel like reading the entire “slow day” story for free in glorious web resolution, you can!  The “slow day” tab at the top of the page is there for your reading enjoyment.  Gotta say, I like it much better as a book-in-hand.  There’s just something about a book!  I’m sad that print media is dying…  I’m super excited to release it in book form with ‘yall!  remember- every dollar spent in the store goes directly towards satisfying my ego, and the cost of owning photoshop.
Have a good day everyone!  For realzies!