2013-3-19This is comic is 100% autobiographical.  Not all of them are… but this one is, almost completely unchanged, ripped from the headlines of my actual life.  HEADLINES.
I hope everyone’s tuesday is going well!  I’m very excited, the “slow day” prototype book got delivered on monday, and I’ve got some stuff I gotta fix on it, but I thought i’d take the opportunity to remind you:  If you feel like reading the entire “slow day” story for free in glorious web resolution, you can!  The “slow day” tab at the top of the page is there for your reading enjoyment.  Gotta say, I like it much better as a book-in-hand.  There’s just something about a book!  I’m sad that print media is dying…  I’m super excited to release it in book form with ‘yall!  remember- every dollar spent in the store goes directly towards satisfying my ego, and the cost of owning photoshop.
Have a good day everyone!  For realzies!