not an article for the faint-of-heart


It is time for me to go to work, so i’ll keep this short!

Obscurity isn’t the end of the world.

Have a great weekend!


A steller paint job

2013-6-20This comic is 100% inspired by my friends Graeme and Ollie!

ugh.  today is dentist time.  to make dentist time more enjoyable, I am thinking I will watch nothing but star trek until it is dentist time.  yay!  have a good one.


What’s so simple in the moonlight



So I actually drew most of this sitting in the dentist chair, waiting for my appointment to commence.  Please don’t get the wrong idea from this comic, I love my dentist!  It’s my stupid mouth that I hate!  Gah.  why can’t it just heal up already?  I want to eat good food!  I’d like to sing again!  I have other things to do.  In any case, I drew the last frame before I went to bed last night, and I thought it was hilarious.  Then I woke up…  And I’m like, “meh, we’ll go with it”.  It was fun to draw, that’s for sure!

In the midst of exile

cg48 100I write this in the midst of internet exile!  Diana and I are moving today.  We haven’t had internet since friday; now, as I type this post up in the local coffeerry, I am reminded of the last time I made a charlie posting in such an establishment.  Life was different then; I wasn’t married, and i would go to the coffee shop in order to escape a particularly insane dog named napoleon.
Anyways, I drew this comic on thursday, tomorrows as well actually, and this comic is kind of ironic, because last night at our christmas banquet a student chipped her tooth while skating…  She was in a lot of pain!  We’re praying for you!  I hope it is going to be alright to fix.
Thankyou everyone for your birthday wishes!  This weekend was completely the worst, and I’m glad it’s over.