Cucumber infused water

2014-6-16Yesterday was my first father’s day!  It was a good day.  We had good food with my parents, watched a sweet Tom Selleck “Jesse Stone” made-in-canada glorious murder investigation movie, and drew this little ditty!  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

It was also the first time IN MY LIFE that I tried “cucumber infused water”.  Also known as a glass of water with veggies soaking in it.  It reminded me a lot of working dish-pit, when we’d have to clean the salad bar.  We used to DARE eachother to drink this crap, and now it’s like, a thing people do.  Not only that, it’s a POPULAR thing people do.  My mom has a “infuser”, which is like, a water bottle MADE for the infusing of fruits and veggies.

Fruits make sense.  Infusing strawberries or apples or whatever is really no different than a lemon slice in a glass of water, but fruits are one thing, and veggies quite another.  And what about tomatoes?  The ever-present category defier!  Do people infuse tomatoes?  Why not just drink the ketchup water?  Or have tomato juice?

Big thanks to my dad for the punch-line brainstorm.


…more evidence of my mental demise…



It’s monday!  Which means three things!  1)  most people start their work week   2)  It’s my day off  3)  Diana starts her maternity leave!  Which means, for the forseeable future, Diana will have no more sunday-night depression!

The day of little Xerxe’s arrival is getting closer!  I’m at that stage where I’m largely nervous about becoming a parent.  If I can barely function now, I can’t even imagine how ridiculous I am gonna be with zero sleep.  Well, OK.  Barely function is an exaggeration.  But still, it has me worried.