Clear your head

I have a strange relationship with comic making. Years ago, I realized that the process was essential to me maintaining baseline sanity, but recently I’ve realized (yet again) that if the process is ONLY therapeutic, the comics aren’t exactly inspired.

In other words, making comics is a good way to clear my head, but a blank slate doesn’t exactly make for entertaining comics. The sweet spot is where I’ve got enough head space to examine all the ways how everything going on in my life could be seen as ludicrous… that means my head needs to be full enough that I have things I’m thinking about, but still empty enough that I can dedicate some time to picking them apart.

If I have absolutely nothing going on, I find that I sit around wanting to draw something and having nothing to draw from. If I have too much going on, I sit, staring at a blank page, as my mind enters a creative coma. I need to have JUST ENOUGH going on, and I think that’s probably a matter of disciplining my mind to keep things in perspective.

Well, they say write what you know, and I think this comic turned out better then they have in a while.

A gamer’s kryptonite

2014-9-8Coffee-dog just wants some lovin’.

So, switching phones has had some unforeseen consequences.

1)  I no longer know how to draw my phone in the comic… iphones are easy to draw identifiably, android phones are not.
2)  my screen is actually big enough for me to want to use it for games.  …where has all my free time gone?
3)  I’m repairing my damaged reputation of “Rob never responds to anything”, because my phone is loud enough for me to hear the ringer!

Everyone, have a great week!  Try and pay attention to your dog, if you have one.  If you don’t, you probably have really high scores on all your favourite videogames!  good job.





if anything, it’s good to have a dog licking my face first thing in the morning because it makes me shower.  There are mornings where i am lazy, or running late, and I think to myself, “well, time for some shower in a bottle”(deodorant), it is nice to have a little added incentive to keep me hygienic… ironic, i suppose.

time to hit the showers.



Money down on the dog races

2014-8-7For some reason, I’m REALLY tired this morning!  So i thought to myself, maybe I should take it easy and draw a coffee-dog comic.

…I’ve never had this much trouble drawing coffee-dog!  I guess it’s been a good half-a-year since she last showed up, just outta coffee-dog practice.  COFFEE-DOG!

Have a great thursday everyone!  Don’t let your dog beat your lap time.


Time for bed!

2014-6-20Coffee-dog is such an obedient little puppy!  When it works in her favour.  Luckily, she’s still easily manipulatable with treats.

Have a good friday everyone!  And a GREAT week-end!  see you next week.



every dog has it’s day

2014-5-30Don’t get me wrong, i’ve personally stood in-between a charging rottweiler and my little rat-dog!  Wise? probably not, but i just love my little rat-dog so!  …i fully understand that sometimes, the big dog just wants to devour the little guy…  But those experiences are few-and-far-between.  For the most part, my dog gets along well with other dogs.


Colonel Kennel: the future-dog.

colonel kennel

…don’t really know why I spelt “Colonel” wrong in the first frame, but, meh.  Too tired/lazy to change it!
As previously mentioned, I am posting this in the past, and it is showing up in the present!  Or, the future, as I type this.  I am away at a retreat with 15 students this weekend!  It’s gonna be crazy!  Hopefully no one will get injured!

Alright!  so, regular charlie and the ghost returns tomorrow!