every dog owner denies it.

2013-3-8seriously.  If you own a dog, every second of bliss is an exercise in ignoring some glaring truths.  First truth: my dog spends most of the day licking her dog-privates, when she’s not eating toilet paper, and then she is more then  happy to “give me a kiss”.  GROSS man!  if people licked their junk and then started licking other people, we’d be like, “No, and also, let’s take you to ‘shady acres’ to get some psychological help.”  But dogs?  man, they get away with a lot.  I’m sure I could think up more truths, but i’ll save em for another day.
Sometimes, you just gotta roll with the gross factor.  Not very often in this comic where one character is incorporeal do i get to do “gross” gags.  Gotta say, quite liking drawing strips like this!  i do miss using my intuos…  But i’ll just have to think up another project to use that for I guess.  So!  Spread the word about the comic!  share em around!  please do.