A week of snow days

True story. A week of snow days means we worked our way through quite a bit of the Disney catalogue, caught up on new seasons of old classics, and somehow managed to obliterate our data cap (which, if I’m not mistaken, is 500 gigs a month). We got faster internet a while back, which came with a bump in data (from 300 gigs to 500 gigs) for ten dollars cheaper a month without a contract (go figure!), but it looks like even that isn’t enough if we’re all stuck inside streaming our own thing on different devices. Luckily for me, it’s definitely the odd month out, we don’t typically spend that much time watching tv.

that being said, we are prone to binge watching stuff. This week, it was some cheerleading reality show on Netflix. SO MUCH DRAMA! It sucks me in.


Ten thousandth visitor!


I have done some “tech support” for people after their computer has gone through a couple of “winning link” clicks.  -shudder-.  The depths of those ravaged machines is a hell I care not to go to again.  Basically, it goes like this:  IF you’ve lived more life without computers than you have with, chances are you’ve clicked on one of these links AT LEAST once.  just admit it… and LEARN from your mistakes!  Don’t click these links ever again!  for crying out loud!  please.
Lately, i’ve been getting tons of facebook spam.  It usually goes something like this:  “You look interesting.  Send me an email @ ______.  I’ll hook you up with some stuff.”  I don’t even know what that means.  Maybe it’s Carly Rae Jepsen-esk?  It’s just crazy, so call me maybe?  I probably get three a week.  At first, I was like “Oh man!  Some dude from russia thinks i’m interesting!” And then I was like “WAIT A MINUTE.  Russia isn’t real!”  Just kidding, russia is real.
This blog post is very… nonsensical.  I think it is because I am writing it Wednesday night at 11:07, when normally I would draw it in the morning, I can’t today because of meetings and stuff.  So I guess i’ll end it.  Hopefully you like this comic.  I’m sure you can think of someone to sarcastically forward it too.  😉


the grass is always greener…

2013-9-17When I was younger, video games were more than a hobby for me…  They were a shared social experience with friends and strangers.  Launch days were events.  I would meet people standing in line, waiting for the electronics department of super store to open.  I once bought Golden Eye for a friend who lived in a different city, because the game was perpetually sold out in their city.
Multiplayer tournaments took place in semi-shady used game stores, the prizes were in-store credit.
We played games, single player and multi player, sitting on the same couch with our friends.  On the rare occasion we played single player games alone, this was just the process of harvesting future conversation grain.
I think, having just participated in a “Day-one digital download!”, I feel very sad!  SURPRISINGLY sad.  For me, video gaming isn’t really about hanging out with my friends, or meeting new people, or social competition, or waking up early to drive to the store and hoping that the people remembered to stock the shelves and the million other weird things that gamers had to do to get by…  It’s about laziness and comfort and entitlement?  or it feels that way, and I don’t really like it.
Maybe i’m just bothered that there is no such thing as scarcity anymore.  You want something?  it’s yours.  Do we lose something when we constantly get what we want?  I think so.