I can dream, can’t I?

One of the best gifts I got this last Christmas was super random, totally unexpected, and from a good buddy of mine. It is a dream journal my buddy kept for the last few years.
Let me just say- these dreams are wild, and completely foreign from my dreams. My dreams tend to fall into one of two categories: bizarre and funny, or very obviously my brain working out some sort of insecurities. But these dreams, every one reads like the script of an action movie where my buddy is the hero. They’re amazing. He gave it to me because I said I’d like to try and make a comic out of some of them, so you dear reader have that to look forward too!

There’s a career I could get behind

I guarantee you that, employed at Exxon mobile, there are social media influencers and facilitators. Somewhere in America, there is a girl who dreams of doing what her mom does (and the poor kid doesn’t even know how horrible the dmv actually is). I’m sure there’s even a law firm that only works with hemorrhoid companies…. it’s called baker and pooper, and I don’t know why I’m writing these words.

what I do know is this:

Today, on the radio, I heard an ad compelling to Stop going to my current gas station “that I’ve been going to for years” and “make the switch” to whatever there gas station was, because they have quality gasoline products and a point rewards ststem. The brand loyalty I feel towards any gas station is exactly 0%, and the thought that I have a preference as to which gas station I go to actually made me chortle. CHORTLE, I SAY! I prefer going to gas stations that are on the right, and have an exit where I can turn right, that is on the way to where I am going. If a brand can somehow harness that, they’ll have my business.

Seize the day

I did wake up early! Well, early for me. 5:30. And I do have a ton of energy! Or rather, it’s 10am and I feel like i’m as awake as I would be around three in the afternoon. I feel like around 5pm, I’m gonna be ready for bed. Haha! True potential indeed.

…and that is why i am late for work.

2014-9-25The worst is when you have cliff-hanger dreams because your alarm clock wakes you up, and you hit the snooze thinking “SEQUEL TIME” but then you end up not dreaming anything, or starting a new dream all together.

My favourite types of dreams are flying dreams, fighter-jet dreams, and lucid dreams.  Most of my lucid dreams are boring, which is why it is third on the list.  You would think that in my imagination, where I can form the world to be whatever I would will it to be, that it would be impossible to be bored, but that is not the case.  In my lucid dreams, I am too aware of the fact that it is a dream and it isn’t real.

Anyways!  I am going to be late, so I should probably get going!  happy thursday everyone!


Dr Jones, Dr Jones, wake up now!


Coffee-dog is a GREAT alarm clock!  She stands right beside my head, shakes like crazy which causes her collar tags to jingle together louder then a bell, and then she licks my ears until I wake up.  She even licks my hair!  Which is GREAT, because it forces me to have a shower, even though I wasn’t going to have one until a little later.  AND, because i’m a caffeine addict, all of the jingling goes a LONG ways to giving me a headache first thing in the morning, which is awesome.  Anyways.

Have a great thursday!

dreams aren’t always the most accurate

2014-1-29Two nights ago, i dreamt that i sat down on a couch and watched “close encounters of the third kind”.  When I woke up, i was super stoked, cause it was basically like i spent my sleep-time watching movies!  …until i started to recall some of the details.  LIKE, for example, I was the guy who built the mountain in his kitchen.  And also, will smith was there.  And also, it ended like independance day.  Have a good wednesday!!!


driving sleepy



so we drove Diana’s dad to the vancouver airport this morning at 5 AM!  THAT is an early drive, let me tell you. we managed to miss most of the morning commuter traffic. i was quite sleepy for the duration, 100% of my mental capacity was dedicated to not crashing.  it didn’t get quite this bad, but if i hadn’t of been driving with Diana and her dad chatting, i wouldn’t put it outside of the realm of possibility.

I have star trek settlers of catan, and it has inspired many of my recent star trek dreams.