Driving to beat a blizzard

Attending appointments in the winter is such a source of anxiety! It was a good thing we left a night early rather then waiting until after the blizzard the next morning, because by the next morning a semi had jackknifed under an overpass completely shutting down the freeway and nobody got through. We made our morning appointment with the inconvenience of an added expense, but sometimes your hands are tied and you don’t really have a choice.

Anyways, it’s moments like that when you realize that rich people really do have it good. Imagine any time there is an inconvenience in your life and you could just spend money and have it dealt with. Car getting unreliable? Get a new one. Hotel all booked up? Buy the hotel and set it on fire and build a new one with a room just for you forever.

The reality is I’m richer than most of the world, living in Canada, middle class. My needs are covered. It’s annoying to fork over money for a hotel when I was planning on waking up early and driving in to the appointment, but whatever. Better to use money when you need to than to be a dragon and hoard it.

He’s going the distance

Who doesn’t love a good “get pumped up” driving song? And after watching exciting car shows like “fastest car” and “hyperdrive” I find myself at intersections revving my poor little hyundai’s Four cylinder and getting caught up in the music playing in my imagination. Of course, my mind isn’t always firing on all fours, and lyrics are easily forgotten (or modified).

The distance! My favourite pump up driving song of all time! And upon closer reflection, as far as I can tell, it’s about the downfall of corporate America and the toll it workaholism takes on personal relationships. While musically it is very motivating, lyrically it mocks the motivation. Gotta love it!

driving sleepy



so we drove Diana’s dad to the vancouver airport this morning at 5 AM!  THAT is an early drive, let me tell you. we managed to miss most of the morning commuter traffic. i was quite sleepy for the duration, 100% of my mental capacity was dedicated to not crashing.  it didn’t get quite this bad, but if i hadn’t of been driving with Diana and her dad chatting, i wouldn’t put it outside of the realm of possibility.

I have star trek settlers of catan, and it has inspired many of my recent star trek dreams.