The only natural conclusion

I’m blessed to have many intelligent friends who are happy to talk life out with me. Without them, I’d fall prey to narcissism in a heartbeat. They keep me humble. But is humility really humility if the only reason it exists is because I’m constantly being humbled?

One of the reasons I’ve had the time to start making comic strips again is because I’m currently on sabbatical! It wraps up in a couple weeks. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Highlights have included family time, studies, and pursuing interests I wouldn’t otherwise have time to pursue.

Really, the only difficult thing about the sabbatical has been this: when you work at a church, sabbatical means you are away from many of the people who regularly speak into your life. I’m looking forward to getting back at it!

this age of enlightenment

2013-4-2Thankfully, my friends who are mothers are not that easily offended!  Wikipedia may be a good place to appease most general queries, but it isn’t the most entertaining way to learn new things. By far, it is much more fun to ask stupid questions and see how people react.  If they don’t answer the question, at least it is a mini-adventure.  Today: I am going to ask someone about why that Glenn kid in madmen is so creepy.