Charlie, class of ’03, most likely to..






Sometimes constructive criticism starts with a bulldozer.

Sometimes, it’s a good to have someone criticize you to the core.  Either it won’t bother you at all, because you are super confident in who you are, or it WILL, and you will change, and that change will build confidence in who you are?  Of course, that’s assuming that the criticism is legitimate…  I guess you need to consider the source of the criticism.

Anyways!   poor chuckles.  MSG is delicious, though.


Sympathy or Empathy?


When I lived on the great Canadian prairies, I had asthma.  Probably because of the dust, but more likely due to the fact that I was born in a city with 3 coal burning power-plants.

Now that I live on the west coast (ish)…  I don’t really have problems with asthma.  What I DO have problems with is CHRONIC SINUSITUS!  (Just imagine that said with a bit of reverb added for effect).  It rains for days, then it’s sunny for days.  All that changing weather/barometric whatever really wreaks havoc on the ol sinus cavities!

Do I ask for your sympathy?  no.  Do I expect you to be informed of all my ailments?  Nope!  So why did I just write a blog post about it?  …GOOD QUESTION!  I guess I’m just another dude on the internet complaining about stuff.  So here are three positive things that have happened recently:

1)  Josie, my 4 month old daughter, smiles at me when she realizes who i am!
2)  Coffee, my year and a half old puppy, woke me up this morning by standing with all four feet on my face and licking my eye.
3)  Kurt Burr stayed late after youth one night and helped me fix my scooter.  Now, it starts perfectly.

Have a great Maundy Thursday everyone!


the benefits of academia


It must be nice to be an authority on a subject.  I was trying to think what I might be an authority on, and none of it is of any real consequence.  I can tell you which sushi place in Chilliwack will fit your budget and desired quality level…  I can tell you which tennis courts are most likely to be vacant on a beautiful summer’s day, around Sardis.  I could tell you, at great lengths, how having a speed-restricted scooter really is the best way to get around town, financially speaking.
I suppose I could be the authority on how to be passive-aggressive through a comic strip.  I want to be clear:  I am not anti-intellectual, I think academia is great!  I also think academics can be impatient towards the common man.  Being a common man who, from time to time, puts up with the eccentricities of the educated, i guess it would just be nice if the favour was returned?  So than, my hypocrisy is revealed!  Educated people are humans too.  What right do I have to demand of my educated peers that they have more patience than I?  Absolutely none.
…Which is why I won’t be getting my Masters any time soon.  I think I have a bit more growing and spiritual maturing to do before I get into it.