the harsh realities of modern space-travel

2014-6-17This comic is 100% dedicated to Paulina, because arguing against mars is her primary interest.  😀

If I were to make an episode of star trek, it would be about how Dr Beverly Crusher didn’t want wesley to go cosmic space-boarding without a helmet, and Wesley would look at worf and say “Set phasers to WET BLANKET”, and then picard would slap wesley across the face and say “shut-up wesley” and then it would be revealed that Beverly was once, in her youth, a cosmic space-boarder, but it was THAT VERY INTEREST that she planted in wesley’s father, Jack, that got JACK KILLED on the stargazer.  Picard hid the truth from Wesley, because no one wants their star-fleet officer DAD to get killed cosmic space-boarding… Everyone wants their starfleet officer parents to die doing nobel things, like sacrificing themselves for the sake of a peace treaty, or whatever.

In any case, I wouldn’t fare well on mars.  I couldn’t leave everything behind.  I will be leaving for mars when there is a strong possibility of returning!  which means, I probably won’t be going to mars in my life time.  It’s ok though, I’m over it.