grocery store antics

2014-5-29grocery stores are so boring, i’m surprised stuff like this doesn’t happen more often.

My biggest grocery store pet peeve is that Mr noodles and generic brand instant noodles are in the soup section, but itchiban and other actually good asian brands of instant noodles are in the international foods section.  I always seem to forget this fact in the heat of shopping for groceries and compromise on my instant noodle selection for inferior instant options.

In normal grocery stores like super store, it’s easier to remember… but in tack-on grocery stores, like walmart, where it seems their international section moves based on whatever stock they have, i can never find my Udon bowl!

Have a great thursday everyone!


vroom -CLUNK!-


it isnt really a great idea to take any sort of life advice from anime.  anime is good at many things, but practical wisdom isn’t one of those things.



This comic, once again, is based on a real life scenario!  I mean, not the zombie thing.  That isn’t a real life scenario.  not yet anyways.  I mean the “watching TV for vastly different reasons” thing.  Diana is the only person I know who watches TV shows and Movies for interior decorating tips and tricks, whereas most people would watch for, oh i dunno, story and narrative, or special effects, or what have you.
I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to any type of suspense in movies… be it zombie movies, horror movies, whatever!  If it isn’t “campy”, it’s gonna make me curl up and watch through my fingers.


Children’s Hospial

2013-8-8Credit for the idea behind this comic goes 100% to my wife.  I feel like most of the comic updates this week have been based around gross bodily functions, and so i’m pleased to make a comic that isn’t about pooping or sneezing or farting or whatever.

Pretty happy with how this one turned out.  Ever since I made the switch to the new art style, which is much more simple and stream-lined, when I look through my old book I get a little jealous.  Maybe I had more time?  Maybe I had better artistic influences?  Anyways, I like to make a big page comic once in a while to remind myself that I can still do it.

How is everyone’s week going?  Hopefully it’s goin good!  It’s thursday, which is half way in between the halfway point of the week and the weekend.  For many people, this is a good thing!  I actually work on sundays, so i mean, weekends aren’t as big of a deal for me.


Really, it’s about a 50/50.



it’s an old joke.
Hope your mondays are going SWELL!

ALWAYS have netflix on.


Gotta say, if I had a free couple hours every day, I would continue to do these full page strips!  they are a LOT of fun.  It’s a lot of fun to draw with the wacom again!
In reality, Coffee the dog isn’t big enough to knock anything over.  I think I’ve seen her almost knock over a glass of juice precariously perched on the unstable fibres of our living room carpet, but as far as dogs go, Coffee seems to be incredibly aware of everything, and terrified of most of it.  Have a great day everyone!  If you like the strip, consider sharing it on your facebook profile?  Or, purchasing a book in the store?  Both of these things help me to continue makin’ these here strips!


TV man

cg86 100the TV man came and gave me full cable on a sweet promo.  the best part is- once this shaw promo is over, we have scheduled a sweet Telus promo to start!  mwahaha!  they really do make it easy.