well, it fixes everything on smallville.

Smallville is one of my favorite shows ever made, especially in the first four seasons… And then in the next three… and well, there is always a reason to hate and love that show.  I really liked it when Lex Luthor was obviously a part of the cast and not the kinda half-there-half-we-dont-have-that-actor-any-more.  I also didn’t really like doomsday, I thought it was cool how they made that one guy into doomsday, but also, I thought he looked kinda lame.  BUT!  We all know the real reason people watched smallville wasn’t cause of all the superman stuff.  It’s because it was all that superman stuff, in HIGHSCHOOL and COLLEGE!  wooooo!
There are two phrases that fix any situation on smallville.  The first is “Clean bill of health”.  These are magical words that get thrown around at least once an episode on smallville!  Someone almost dies because clark isn’t fast enough! Cliffhanger!  Is he gonna make it?  The next scene, the kents are having breakfast, and Jonathan is all “Welp, the Jackson boy’s got a clean bill of health.” and clark’s like “Thank goodness.  But these ABILITIES!  WOE IS ME!”
The second magical phrase is anything do to with being the homecoming queen.  This particular line happens as Lana is being morbid in the pilot episode, hanging out in a grave yard, talking to her dead parents.  And clark comes, pretends to talk to the dead parents, and drops this gem.
Neither a clean bill of health nor the prospect of being homecoming queen provide me any consolation as I drudge through the dreary days of ear infections, nasal explosions and crusty eyes.   every time I blink, my eyes feel like what it must feel like for an old barn when its paint is being scraped off of the walls.  Happy Friday!  Happy Thanksgiving weekend (to all us Canadians!)