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This year the Halloween candy hall had a definite lack of the packaged gummy candy variety, so I went and bought a bag of sour patch kids and a pack of wine gums (assuming the kids wouldn’t like wine gums). Turns out, in my daughters words, “we pretty much like anything that looks like candy.” Makes sense.

Smartwatch, dumb people

smartwatch exercising

Well, what can I say. I think the first week of colorful Charlie and the Ghost’s has been a success! I hope you like these too. If you do, would you consider sharing them on facebook, twitter, or reddit? It really helps me out huge, knowing that people enjoy these and are reading them.

A short run on the pro circuit






It would be very strange to be on the inspirational speaker’s circuit… If there is such a thing.  I remember when I was in public school, we would have these groups come through, like people that would skip rope to techno music and people that would juggle and give little inspirational things…  Or we’d have soldiers come in and talk about whatever.  When I got older, I went to a private christian school, so the only inspirational speakers we got were people talking about christian stuff.  …actually, come to think of it, i think the techno skip-rope came to that school too.  How does a person start a techno skip group?  OR like, i remember there was this touring vocal quartet? called saskatchewan express?  and they’d like sing songs from the lion king? and they had lighting effects?  BIZARRE.   but i loved it all!  Everything is so exciting when you’re a kid.

BAH…what does “health” have to do with looking good?

2014-8-12Unhealthy in many more ways than one.

So much about our celebrity culture is just so unhealthy.  Unhealthy for the viewer, but even more so, unhealthy for the celebrity/athlete/public figure themselves.  How can anyone live up to the hype?


the wisdom of resolutions


It’s not my fault that McDonalds introduced poutine right when people make resolutions to change their life style!  Do you think the CEO of McDonalds and the CEO of big gyms are constantly trying to out-fox one another?  no?  yeah…. probably not.  but still, McDonalds poutine exists, and even though it isn’t especially tasty, it is ESPECIALLY CONVENIENT!  and really, that’s almost as important.  It’s why Tim Hortons is so popular, after all!
…this is a very canadian blog post, i’m realizing.  Tim Hortons?  Poutine?  And just to set the record straight: i ain’t got nuthin’ against tim hortons.  As a rule, if a drink puts caffeine into me, i don’t really care what it tastes like.