push notifications

2013-3-4Trying out a bit of a new format, as you can tell.  OH MAN.  This comic is a complete true-to-life-scenerio.  This happens every day in my office, and scares the LIFE out of me.  I get one notification on my wired-in desktop, and I get really nervous because I know that three seconds later my office will be really REALLY loud.  Right as I’m about to turn down the volume on every device i have, it happens, in a cascade of fastest-wifi-device to slowest-3g-device, the familiar Bloop-bleep letting me know i have a new message.  It happens on at least five devices in my office.  So annoying!

“So turn off your push notifications!”  you might say.  Well, i mean, yeah.  I could do that.  That would solve these issues.