Before posting this, I showed it to my brother, who Had some pretty good perspective. He wrote “you’ve never cleaned up after your family” and, well, that’s true enough. I tend to be the mess maker, but I did spend most of the weekend I was free cleaning up my garage which, while being mostly my mess, made some room so the girls could move some of their mess to the garage, so I mean, I guess it all evens out.

because, science.

2014-8-28every time that commercial comes on, i make this joke inside my head.  I figured I should get it down on paper.

it’s a cheesy joke, i know, but as you probably know by now, cheese is my bread and butter.

My free Rdio music listens ran out.  I’ve had access to Rdio since I bought my surface for drawing on, and my surface has absolutely no music stored on it, which means that I don’t have music to draw to.  -sad-

Have a great thursday everyone!  the summer is almost over.  Craziness.





So, saturday was solstice!  Had a great time at the beach with some friends, watching the sun hide behind a mountian at like 8pm, and realizing it wasn’t a great place to watch the solstice sun set.

Here’s a song!

Have a great week everyone!

merry christmas, 2013!


2013-12-25have yourself a merry little christmas, full of love and intelligent conversation!