…Don’t kill any albatrosses, for cryin’ out loud.


I’m aware of the mis-quote of the ol’ ancient mariner, but i figured, more people probably know the expression in its modern form.

I guess you could say i’ve got SEA on the brain!  Yesterday, we went out to white rock and walked on the pier and ate overpriced but delicious fish and chips.  mmm.  We saw ocean people doing their ocean thing, and a dead fish on the rocks.

the ocean!  there’s so much dead stuff in it.  -shutter-

The situation described here, regarding netflix, i’m SURE is an experience many can relate too.  About 8 years ago, well before netflix was available in canada, my parents had a “free” video-on-demand feature through their TV provider.  it was MIND BLOWING!  there was a selection of like 12 movies that would change every couple of weeks.  Now, with netflix’s library of 12 kazillion options, a mere 12 movies seems almost laughable…  BUT!  When there were 12 options, it didn’t take long to choose one or two.  When there are 12 kazillion options, it tends to take a tad bit more time.  It’s truly terrifying.

Anyways!  My vacation is over, time to go back to work!

Step #4 repeat until you get sick and learn your lesson

2014-1-22I had a couple awesome comic ideas for today’s comic, and i came home and forgot them instantly.  THEN, this happened, and Diana laughed at me for like, five minutes, and i figured… maybe you would laugh at it too!  ~sick~

Have a great thursday everyone!  😀


good ol’ silent mode


You aren’t supposed to cry over spilled milk, but what about spilled coffee?

This.  happens.  regularly.  first.  world.  problems.  Have a great long weekend everyone!