Confirmation bias

I mean, what’s so great about mashed potatoes and roast beef? Salt is the best part of roast beef.

Beach Day Yay yay yay!

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As I type this up, the first solid rain in a couple months is falling outside, turning all our brown lawns to green and effectively emptying the beaches that have been continuously populated since the heat wave began.  I do love the beach, but only in small doses and under the right circumstances… which makes me think I should probably lighten up a bit.  In any case, i’m thankful for the rain.

Don’t lie on your resumé



Daughter woke up before i could finish the comic today, so please forgive any spelling/grammar/art errors you happen to stumble upon.

Man alive!  It’s fun watching kids grow up.  It happens fast.

I think there should be some sort of standardization method granting babies a license to operate cutlery.  I’m gonna start a petition.

all of the hype that your money can buy!


There are two halves of my life!  There’s the grown-up me, who has a wife and a baby daughter and drives a minivan and has a mortgage and needs to exercise more.  There’s also the slightly-less mature me, who draws a comic and drives a scooter and named a dog “coffee” and still thinks they might make a modern transformers movie that doesn’t suck…  Robert and Robbie, the mature and the immature, shoved into one head, collectively known as Rob.

Is it the adult me who feels pressured to adopt gluten-free diets and stuff, or is this feeling of peer pressure a remnant from back when all my friends had N64’s and i rocked the turbografix 16?  By which I mean, is there actually some logic behind the dietary madness, or is it just a big-ol hype machine?

It’s probably both, right?

Every second person I talk to has a polarizing opinion on gluten, or organic food, or (insert dietary choice here), and my usual middle-of-the-road moderation-apathy-philosophy no longer flies in these conversations… PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHERE I STAND ON THE GLUTEN ISSUE!  (not actually).  Here’s my official stance on gluten:

You probably can get away with buying a gluten-free alarm clock.


…but you get to build it yourself!


Yes, i know, it is possible to eat for less then a fiver’ at the local Swedish embassy.  But who does?  Who goes to Ikea and eats a 50 cent hot-dog?  No-one.  They add a yoghurt and a cinnamon bun.  Not a lot of money, that would set you back what, like $4.00 tops?  but then your thirsty, so have a dollar coffee, and because you’ve been walking around ikea for 5+ hours, it’s time for supper.

Yesterday, walking around Ikea, I heard a lady in her frustration yell “THEY’RE HERDING US LIKE CATTLE IN HERE” as she was, i can only assume, scrambling to find the exit.  This is not hyperbole, this actually happened.

The problem with the Ikea cafeteria is the same problem with Ikea in general, which isn’t a problem for Ikea but for its unsuspecting victims.  You go there for one item, like a dish washer scrubby brush with a suction cup on one end, and you end up buying a billion little DIY projects.  You go there for a cinnamon bun, and you end up getting organic pasta with ligonberry juice with a side of roasted chicken and veggie lasagne.  Forget about McDonalds, movie theaters, car salesmen…  IKEA is the KING of the up-sell, and they do it without having anyone say anything.  They do it with their dis-arming “swedish guy” advertisements, their fancy showrooms, and the promise of… Hmm.  comfort? trendiness?  I don’t know.

Anyways, I can’t really hate on ikea, I’ve had my fair share of their products.

…er salad.

2014-3-24Diana, my wife, is the BEST!  every once in a while, i get these crazy food-diet-ideas into my head, and she goes along with them.  For example:
1)  I’ve recently decided that I need to eat salad as a meal at least once a day.  Diana has made AMAZING DELICIOUS and HEALTHY salads!  Not like the one I have pictured here today… left to my own devices, though…..  I should say: the cheese-burger salad is not my exclusive idea.  I know, I know, it’s genius… but I cannot claim the credit!  I was telling a buddy of mine about the salad diet scheme, and he was telling me that a salad diet is an easy diet because you can put anything on a salad and technically, it’s still a salad…  steak salad, cheese-cake salad, spaghetti and meatballs salad… and I realized it was true.
2)  Once in a while, I’ll decide that Cocacola is the devil, and she’ll go along with my week-or-two sugar fast!  and she LOVES coke!
3)  When I inevitably decide that my diet ideas were stupid, she’s right there with a delicious meal idea to heal my bruised ego!
4)  …Sometimes, Diana makes delicious pasta salad… and I put it on a plate, put a lot of cheese on it, and melt it in the microwave, and then I have delicious cheesy pasta!  The side-dish becomes an ENTRÉE!  …though I don’t think she especially likes when I do that.

ANYWAY!  Have a great week everyone!



Coming to a classy restaurant near you

2014-3-10My mom and dad actually invented this “food”.  It’s TOTALLY as bad as it sounds! Don’t believe me?  Well, make a whole platter of them today and find out for yourself!  You’ll regret it almost instantly.

I felt like drawing on my ipad again, just to try it out, and so we have this comic!  …Gotta say, while it is fun to draw on the ipad, i wouldn’t go back to using it as my primary drawing device.  The whole reason Charlie looks like he does now and not like the spiky-haired version you see on the banners is originally because I WANTED to use my iPad to draw (so i wasn’t stuck in my office) and i couldn’t get him looking the same, transitioning from an old big intuos tablet to the iPad, so i had to simplify the design.  Interesting little tid-bit for yah!

But that being said, I wouldn’t trade my surface for anything.  Pressure sensitivity on a screen?  basically, a cheap cintiq?  it’s my favourite.