Making friends

Making friends is a bit difficult as an adult, but it doesn’t have to be. People like music or movies or books or whatever. Maybe I’m being naive, but if you get to know someone long enough and you can usually find something you have in common. Not with everyone, but thankfully, there are usually more than one person, and you don’t have to be hang-out buddies with everybody.

We were at the park yesterday afternoon and the first two panels of this comic happened almost verbatim. Pretty funny stuff!

The fellowship of the fellowship of the ring

The last time I watched the trilogy, I was in college. Adding the hobbit trilogy (edited) in the morning was new, and it was a good addition- I never finished the hobbit trilogy before (I found its pacing too slow, and the expanded stuff too boring). Let me tell you, it’s good to watch that every decade or so. Epics like that have a way of helping you frame your own life in a way that’s larger than life. I may not adventure against earth-ending baddies, but I have friends and that’s pretty epic when you think about it.


So many good shows on tv these days. Compelling stories, cinematic aptitude, original ideas, great stuff! The last few nights I’ve been drawing I’ve had netflix’s Hyperdrive on and, well, I haven’t got much drawing done! It’s too compelling!

Anyways, in the last week, Our house has wrapped up no less then 3 tv series. Yeesh! What are you watching these days?

The only natural conclusion

I’m blessed to have many intelligent friends who are happy to talk life out with me. Without them, I’d fall prey to narcissism in a heartbeat. They keep me humble. But is humility really humility if the only reason it exists is because I’m constantly being humbled?

One of the reasons I’ve had the time to start making comic strips again is because I’m currently on sabbatical! It wraps up in a couple weeks. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Highlights have included family time, studies, and pursuing interests I wouldn’t otherwise have time to pursue.

Really, the only difficult thing about the sabbatical has been this: when you work at a church, sabbatical means you are away from many of the people who regularly speak into your life. I’m looking forward to getting back at it!

A few weeks worth!

cge134 cge135 cge136 cge137 cge138

So, if you haven’t watched through the “two friends” video I posted at the top of the page, please do!  It is a story i wrote in 2008, drew in 2009, re-drew in 2015 and animated last week!  I had a few friends help me with the voice work, and i am really happy with how it turned out!  give it a watch and a share if you wouldn’t mind. 😀

Its nice working on bigger projects like that, which are released all at once.  Updating daily allows for a lot of content, updating less regularly allows for more depth and subtlety (although, i wouldn’t say “two friends” is subtle).  Anyways!  Just things i’m thinking about! 😀

…you watch a little Dr. Who, and this starts happening.

2014-10-2everyone on the internet seems to love Dr. Who… and dern it, i’m trying to like it.  I’m starting at the 9th doctor, because that is what netflix allows me to do.  Here are my thoughts:

I can buy into a sci-fi mythology IF:
1)  it is easy and accessible
2)  if it is difficult and inaccessible, but their is some hint that the effort will be worth it

So.  Star trek falls into category one, Primer falls into category two…  For me, Dr. Who falls somewhere else.  I’m gonna stick wit it, because I really do want to see what all the fuss is about.  I really love the premise and the ideas of each episode, I just find it painful to actually sit and watch the episode.

Anyway!  I was almost late for work the other day because of all our clocks dying!  haha.

Have a great thursday everyone!


is that why it’s titled “friends?”

2014-9-2It feels like today is monday, even though it’s tuesday.  long weekends!  They mess with the head.

Even though I know the story, and all the jokes, and even the rhythm and cadence of the character’s lines, i still love watching through friends.  It’s the TV equivalent of hot chocolate, comfortable and cosy.

Have a great week!