It’s called Jealousy, and it’s ugly


Glory!  what does it mean to let someone else have the glory?

If someone breaks your record of “most goals scored”, do you celebrate with them or do you work harder to reclaim your laurel?

If you do an AMAZING job, do you give the credit to your boss? Or, if your boss takes credit, are you OK with that, or do you secretly (or not so secretly) think that you deserve HIS job? After all, you do all the work, right?

How about if someone else’s KID is better than your kid at something?  Parents, are we willing to let other people’s kids get the glory we think our kids deserve?

Why is it hard to glory in a friend succeeding where I am failing?  It is so much easier to think “that should be me” then to simply celebrate with them.

I think it’s worth thinking through where we might be a glory-monger in our lives, and giving it up.  It’s a destructive habit.  And if you live life like that, chances are you’ll lose friends!  And if you lose your friends, what’s the point?  Good friends are hard to come by.