Confessions of a childhood hoarder

2014-6-19tonight, on HOARDERS…  a man is over-sentimental about the thousands of dollars of plastic crap he has sitting in boxes in his garage.  “I don’t want to get rid of it, because i’ll just end up buying it again, and I can’t afford to buy it anymore.”

Then, on a very special episode of INTERVENTION, the SAME GUY’s family sits down to talk to him about is caffeine habit.  “You think your addiction doesn’t hurt anybody… but I can’t even trust you to hold our DAUGHTER, you’re so shaky!”

Have a great thursday everyone!


incompatible standards


So sleepy!  I’ve been getting so used to sleeping in until nine, waking up at 7:00 is not easy.  Huge thanks to all the guys who came over to play brygs and cylons!  It’s ALWAYS a ridiculous time, this time is no different.  Highlights of the evening were when Charles became the president of a stranded derelict battlestar, when Dave shot a box which made the game glitch out and basically made him a superhero for the rest of the game, when kurt built a light cycle, when Jamison penned a mind-controlling pop song, and when Andy’s character… well, everything about Andy’s character is a pleasant memory.  Poor penny, stranded on the planet yet again, left to mother her child.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take one part Battlestar Galactica, one part D&D, and eight parts “let’s see if we can make sure whatever Rob had planned doesn’t happen”, and honestly, the results are about a million times better then what I ever plan.

I’m glad Diana has Paulina to hang out with during these little escapades, I dunna think she’d enjoy herself.

My parents are officially staying at their new house!  which means that their dog charlie is no longer in the house, which means that my dog “coffee”, herein referred to as “coffee-dog”, is ACTUALLY DEPRESSED.  She’s just moping around.  Though I did see that she managed to stash like five chew-sticks in the seam of her pillow-bed-thing, and she has been digging them all up and just comforting herself by eating them like crazy?  Dogs man, they don’t make any sense.


The problem with free time

2013-3-14On most of my days off, i have so much anxiety about how to best spend the time.  a full fledged day off is few and far between.  It’s laughable… I’ll wake up, draw, and then freak out:  do I spend half an hour fruitlessly searching through something interesting to watch on netflix, only to watch 30 mins of something i don’t care about and turn it off, to find myself back at square one?  Or do I pop in a little fallout 3 and waste the entire day, and then feel guilty that i didn’t try to make something?  should I just try and sleep, to try and curb this perpetual state of tiredness? or maybe does the dog need a walk?  Maybe I should try to write a short story, or organize the garage, or walk to a restaurant…  Sometimes, by the time i’ve settled on something, it is noon.  No joke.  half the day gone.  Enjoyment anxiety… who knew?

If you don’t get what i’m talking about, it’s the human equivalent of a dog phenomenon easily observed whenever i walk in my front door.  When my dog coffee gets so excited about seeing me that she starts shaking and she just makes herself terrified, and then she doesn’t know what to do with herself, she is experiencing exactly what my days off feel like.  Excitement, and then fear.  For her, it doesn’t start out as terrified, but it gets there pretty quick. Same for me.  Why?  I don’t know.  I’m a good dog owner, i walk her, i play with her.  I like to think I know how to relax on my days off… But she can really freak herself out, and I guess I can too.   All worked up over nothing.

a typical tuesday on the tip of the teeth, trees tritely turning tea to trash

cg79 100Ah yes, alliteration!  the title of this blog post got a way from me a little bit.
So it’s blessing week!  What else am I blessed with?  I am blessed to have so many friends!  Thank you friends.  Diana and I went to our friend’s wedding on the weekend, and i saw people I haven’t seen in forever, and it was awesome just to chill with people and it was like we never missed a beat!  of course, i’m the awkward one who just sits and listens, but i appreciate being allowed to listen!  Anyways, here is the comic for today!  yay yay yay!