Waste disposal

There is nothing more nerve wracking then throwing garbage away in a public place where there are like fifteen different categories and you’re expected to know the nuances instinctually. Is my cup cardboard compost, or does the plastic coating mean it’s plastic recyclable? I thought straws, while being plastic, aren’t recyclable? What’s the “trash” option for- food? No that’s compostable. But there are napkins in the compost…. I thought that would be paper recyclable.

I have actually taken a cup home to throw away because I understand our trash and recycle system better.

At one point in my life, ever so briefly, I was a garbage man! For like three weeks. It was back in those simple times, when people threw aluminum cans in the garbage like the plebs they were.

my favourite is malls that have waste sorting stations with somebody there that actually knows what they are doing. They should have tip jars, I’d tip them.

Friendship is tricky

Ahh I ate wayyy too much turkey! And stuffing! And pumpkin pie! And this comic is true in one main regard: I do really suck at making friendship bracelets.

Sure, blame it on the baby

2014-2-17Trash input has increased by no less then 200%.  Between diapers, wipes, the many bottles we’ve had to try out and toss out, the packaging that all of our baby furniture came in, the insane amount of gift-wrapping we’ve torn up and tossed…  We’ve become quite wasteful!  It doesn’t feel super, i gotta say!

When it comes to diapers, there are cloth diaper options, but a big investment upfront is a hard pill to swallow.  And so, our mountains of garbage pile up.


on that happy note, have a great week everyone!  the earth is dying, but, you know, WHATEVS.


It’s all very environmentally friendly.

I do stupid stuff like that when i’m tired.
About a week ago, I made a comic about how my new pillow was a terrible life decision.  Now, it is still a terrible life decision.  My neck is so stiff!  I can’t even look over my shoulder.  The worst!  I am perpetually exhausted cause I can’t get a good night’s sleep.  Solution?  I dunno, maybe BUY A NEW PILLOW!  But no.  I am too cheap… and I suppose I should stop complaining about it.

Anyways, hope this finds you well, on this tuesday morning!  I have a day-long meeting.  Fun!