Kids say the darndest things

The first Three panels are accurate. Experimenting with a new four panel format! It’s so popular these days.

A cameo

Today a kid at church came up to me and said, “I love Charlie and the ghost comics!” And it was very encouraging! Their parents had given him one of my old collections and he gave it a read through, and so I figured I’d drag the ghost out of obscurity for a quick cameo. Chuck made the gogomachrocketsheep cut, the ghost did not.

Animated Charlie!

I love dabbling in animation.  You can expect one of these from time to time! 😀

Halloween comes a little early

2014-10-6Diana came up with this comic, and I thought it was funny, so here it is!

I know it’s a bit early for a costume related comic, but whatever.  I am watching the movie “Small soldiers” on netflix!  This is one of the movies I watched a lot in high school,  and it is everything i remember it being.  If anyone is looking for a good way to kill an hour and a half, i highly recommend it.



Ghost stories

2013-7-9When I think of the ghost, I have a pretty well established idea of what kind of person I think she is.  Charlie is a bit more obvious, but I don’t think I’ve done as good of a job communicating who the ghost is.  So i’m gonna endeavour to change that.
I don’t do it often enough- thank you everyone who reads this comic!  wether you read it daily or do the ol weekly catch up or just stumble upon it once a month or year, know that I really appreciate you reading it!  Hopefully it’s given you a laugh, or just something other then facebook and reddit to look at.  In any case, thankyou for reading it!


ALWAYS have netflix on.


Gotta say, if I had a free couple hours every day, I would continue to do these full page strips!  they are a LOT of fun.  It’s a lot of fun to draw with the wacom again!
In reality, Coffee the dog isn’t big enough to knock anything over.  I think I’ve seen her almost knock over a glass of juice precariously perched on the unstable fibres of our living room carpet, but as far as dogs go, Coffee seems to be incredibly aware of everything, and terrified of most of it.  Have a great day everyone!  If you like the strip, consider sharing it on your facebook profile?  Or, purchasing a book in the store?  Both of these things help me to continue makin’ these here strips!