Ockham’s Razor

cge014And so ends another week’s story line!  And as is the case with many cartoons, at the end of another episode, absolutely nothing has changed… we’re back to square one.

In reality, i haven’t actually been able to find any frames that I like.  I’ve got a prescription burning a hole in my pocket!  I’m super excited for being able to see better.

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yay, individuality!

cge013If you have to wear glasses, it seems you have a couple philosophies you can follow.
1) Make the glasses as invisible as possible, almost like they are a natural part of your face
2) Make the glasses as visible as possible, like they are the paint and your face is the blank canvas

I usually find myself going with the first of these two options, and i gotta say, super boring.  BUT!  If I pick glasses based on their own merits, i’ll feel like i’m trying too hard to be cool, which isn’t good, because i have to wear my glasses every day.

In any case, believing that glasses are a form of self-expression (while exclusively wearing old band/camp/in-n-out t shirts and cargo shorts) is self-defeating, as it turns out the self i’d be expressing wouldn’t really be my “self” at all.  So, this brings us to the third option…. Contacts.  maybe.

As I sit here, typing this, my daughter is eating apple slices, but doing this high-pitched Godzilla whine before devouring each slice.  it is thoroughly entertaining.



looks good to me!

cge012Every time I go to buy frames, i have to take my glasses off.  When I take my glasses off, It’s hard to see what the frames look like on my face.