Totally worth it

Totally worth it, 100%. I learned early on in my musical career that, although I had rockstar aspirations, I didn’t have rockstar gumption. I think I’m musically above average, but I’m nothing to write home about.
That being said, I have enough musicality in me to inspire my kids to love music, and that mostly happens through singing stupid songs we make up on the fly. The one mentioned in this comic strip is 100% legit, just throw a line in about baby Jesus (I mean it’s Christmas after all) and bob’s your uncle.

honestly though, between comic making and music making, so far I share 2/2 interests with my daughters, and is there anything better than that?

Capo 3

I went to long and mcquade today to pick up a capo. This comic isn’t Actually much of an exaggeration, I’ve probably bought at least Ten capos in my life. People just borrow them, and they never get returned. Yeesh. And they’re expensive now! Like $25 for the sucky cheapos! Luckily they had a sale on the nicer capo that was going for $23, but still.
anyway, guitar players know that capos are like the mist…. you can see it for a while, but then it vanishes forever.

Musicians are touchy


Musicians are touchy!  And i don’t mean, like to touch things.  I mean, you gotta be careful around them!  I would know this, because I am a musician(ish).

Right from the beginning of making this comic strip, ghost has always been both a blessing and a curse in terms of character dynamics.  A blessing because ghost was really easy to draw, and a curse because ghosts can’t exactly interact with the physical world in the same way that a flesh-and-blood character could.  More than a few times, I’ve been frustrated, trying to write comics around this… but restrictions are a good thing, i think.  So, this is a comic about that… sort of.  I mean, if ghost can talk, technically, she is interacting with the physical world… but whatever.  suspend your disbelief! haha.