in mourning

cg72 100Welp, charlie 2 is dead.  Charlie the hamster, that is.  He died sometime yesterday.  As much as I was joking about it, and believe me, i’ve been joking about it, i think it’s really sad.  So, without further hesitation, here are five twitter eulogies for my hamster charlie 2.
1)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  You were a good hamster.  Charlie died the same way he lived:  stuck in his wheel, crapping on himself.
2)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  My favourite memory of you is that one time you ate your way out of the box on the way home from the pet store and i put you in a tupperware to keep you from biting me.
3)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  Too bad you died; you were just starting to not suck as a pet.
4)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  i’ll miss the way you make me feel about myself; superior in every way.
5)  Rest in peace, charlie 2…  Charlie 3 better not die of wet tail or i’m gonna freakin’ lose it.

So, as i am in the middle of mourning my pet, i am also in the middle of celebrating the creation of many new lives!
Congrats to my cousin Aaron and Quinn for havin a baby!  and also to Josh and Jasmine!  And also to Clayton and Sunshine!  I just realized i put all the guys names first, and if there is ever an occasion where it would be more appropriate to put the girl’s name first, it’s probably when congratulating a couple who just had a baby.  Anyways, that realization obviously won’t stop me from leaving it the way it is, so yeah.  Let me tell you: January is truly baby having season.
…and April’s just around the corner.  But how can I think about kid-having if i can’t even keep my danged hamster alive?  BUHHGH.


the plans i have for you

cg70 100

if there were that mountain-peak diagram, explaining the rise and fall of this story line, rising action and falling whatever, i’m not sure what this point would look like.  haha… everything is on track, where i was hoping it would be at this point, which is good seeing as i’m the one drawing it and writing it, (though not necessarily in that order).
When i reflect on the reason and motivation for doing this little story line, it’s because it was getting very difficult to desire to draw different gag-a-days when i didn’t really have anything funny going on, and all i really wanted to do was draw…  And now that i’m 20 strips over the half-way point of this little story (in-case you didn’t know what the little fraction in the corner was for), i’m looking forward to doing some gag-a-days again.  Telling jokes is fun, telling stories is fun, most of comicing is fun.
So, if you think about it, and you have time for a silly prayer, pray for my hamster!  it sounds like such a juvenile prayer, but actually, i don’t want my hamster to die, and he’s lookin’ mighty sick these days.  The sad things about hamsters is that they are $5 so it’s pretty hard to justify a vet bill…  Plus, reading online, once a hamster gets sick, it seems like it’s life expectancy is pretty short even if it recovers.  Come on, little charlie the hamster!  pull through!  PULL THROUGH!  Eat that food, drink that water, and stop having diarrhoea.