Embrace life

Happy new year!
as I mentioned yesterday, I managed alright with last year’s resolutions. This year’s resolution: no snacking (except for one day of the week, so that dates don’t suck, or if it’s what an event is centred around).

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but I’m bad at it and it’s probably the main reason I didn’t lose more weight last year when I exercised so much. So this year I’ll combine the two.

Athletic Sponsorship

This year the Halloween candy hall had a definite lack of the packaged gummy candy variety, so I went and bought a bag of sour patch kids and a pack of wine gums (assuming the kids wouldn’t like wine gums). Turns out, in my daughters words, “we pretty much like anything that looks like candy.” Makes sense.

BAH…what does “health” have to do with looking good?

2014-8-12Unhealthy in many more ways than one.

So much about our celebrity culture is just so unhealthy.  Unhealthy for the viewer, but even more so, unhealthy for the celebrity/athlete/public figure themselves.  How can anyone live up to the hype?



2014-1-13two nights ago, diana was picking up her dad from the airport, and on the way back from vancouver they stopped for supper, and picked me up.  They got me some chicken and shrimp carbonera, which is delicious! but probably wasn’t super smart to eat right before bed.  I woke up feeling the need to run a marathon.  But the dreams!  man alive, carbonera gives yah weird dreams!