Sometimes, I make comics just for me. I think this might be one of them- I can’t help but giggle uncontrollably when I look at it.

my family did a valentines draw (where you draw a name and you make a valentine for the person you drew) and I just happened to draw my wife. I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna make her. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to make, so I’m gonna stop writing this and start making it.

before you tell him GOOD BYEEEEEE


Sometimes, the best advice you can give is admitting that you don’t have any advice to give!  Of course, sometimes, the best advice you can give is “lay off the potato chips”, but i mean, it’s all contextual, really.

Gross misuse of common pithy sports motivators

2013-3-6As I sit here, typing this, I can hear canadian geese trumpeting their triumphal return.  My dog, coffee, sits in her lawn chair next to me, freaking out at the new sound.  My mind is brought back to a time a while back where it was a beautiful spring day and I tried to start a BBQ my friend gave me, and all that happened was that I got incredibly loopy off of propane fumes and then almost burned the house down (not really to the burning the house down, definitely to the getting loopy off of propane fumes).  Why am I brought back to this event?  Well, because it was burger night…  I love beef.  I love french fries.  OH MAN.
Still tweaking stuff with the art style/format/etc!  the simplified style is fun to try out.  I think I will miss my “traditional” (does that word apply?) methods of drawing charlie and such, but I think there might be some potential here too.  Gotta develop stuff, right?