Finding joy in the little things


It occurs to me that this comic may be a good metaphor for how finding contentment in life may look to others who are discontent.  You should know, for your own sanity, that when i drive up steep hills on my scooter, i move over to the shoulder and let others pass me.  I do enjoy getting swept up in the moment of driving exactly 55 kmph, my scooter is a 2004 honda ruckus, and that was deemed “Fast enough” in 2004 i guess.  New ruckus’ go up to 65, and yamaha speed-restricted scooters go up to 70, but whatever.  Sometimes, speed is more of a feeling and less of a number.  …unless you’re going up a steep hill.  Then speed is something i don’t really like to talk about.

Anyways, have a good thursday!

How to make AMAZING anime!

2013-11-20It is this PRECISE formula that Diana likes to mock whenever she walks into the room.  She’ll take one look at the screen and say something along the lines of, “Oh, is that the guy he’s gonna beat against all odds in the next episode?” to which I reply “…he might lose…” but secretly in my heart, I know that he’ll win eventually.  He always does.

Pokemon, Initial D, Dragonball Z, Gundam, Samauri Champloo..  Some of my favourite anime series follow that sort of structure.  They don’t always… I think Cowboy bebop is more “i love the soundtrack” and “SPIKE SPIEGEL IS THE COOLEST”.   Cowboy bebop IS the coolest!   If you don’t know what the heck i’m talking about, i’m referring to an anime that combines space opera with jazz and the good ol’ fashioned wild west.  the best possible way you could spend your saturday this weekend would be to do something productive!  the SECOND best way you could spend your saturday is watch all of cowboy bebop.  WELL, except the full-length movie.  You can skip that.

SO!  Hope your week is going well!  We had a crazy tuesday, but God is good, and stuff’s ok.  I pray that I will have the kind of faith that trusts in God’s goodness even when stuff doesn’t turn out the way I hope it does.


Life at 35 kph

2013-6-11I love my scooter! Scoots.  Just enough dangerous living for a man with a healing dislocated shoulder.


First Ride!

2013-3-7First ride!  Not to be confused with the awesome song played by don ross…  which is by far my favourite acoustic guitar song ever written.  The fact that it doesn’t have a million plays is completely mind boggling… the song makes me want to train a horse and then go horse riding, and if you know me, you know that that is saying something.  You should totally look it up.  OR!  Here’s the link to don ross playin first ride:
Anyways!  My van is to insanely bad on gas within city limits, and my scooter is just too insanely awesome on gas within city limits, which leads me to the conclusion that I need to just go ahead and drive around in the rain.  I really missed the scooter.  It takes a bit longer to go where you’re going, because driving it forces me to drive the speed limit, as it’s top speed is 55km.  OK!  Time to do somemurr drawn’sz peace out!

The Joys/Dangers of Scooter Ownership: Part Three

This one happened yesterday.  The worst part about dragonflies is that they are really big and you can see them coming from a mile away…. and yet, there is no way to avoid these bugs.  Mine hit the visor of my helmet, and I had a huge bug-splat blocking my vision for the rest of the ride.  Flies hurt.  I suppose this is really a danger for anyone that owns a convertable/bike/motor bike, but I just got kinda sick of making scooter comics that end in the world thinking it’s hilarious that you have a scooter.  Though i suppose that is the largest danger!  And if you don’t care what people think about you, then it doesn’t matter.



The Joys/Dangers of Scooter Ownership: Part one

So i figured it might be fun to do some “educational” strips about scooter ownership.
Part one:  What happens when you drive by a middle school as the kids are waiting to cross the street.  kids can be so cruel.
There is no arguing with their logic.  It probably looks funny for an adult to be on a scooter, even a fully awesome scooter like the Honda Ruckus!  But they don’t know!  They don’t get the economical benefits!  They don’t understand the joy of the wind against your face without needing a motorcycle licence!  For them, drivers licences are still three or four years away… how could they know?
The next time it happens, as per Rod Heppell’s suggestion, I will simply say “Chicks dig it” and speed off… and wait five years, and each of them will be riding ruckus’ themselves.