This ain’t bargain bin

Many artists I know can’t draw in sketchbooks, but they can fill up a Hilroy in no time flat. Hilroy, for people not from Canada, is a brand of cheap paper products beloved by all, loose leaf, lined, all that Jazz. Anyways!

drip coffee isn’t really that smart of a choice when you consider it costs pennies to make it at home and they charge a couple bucks for a cup. The markup on drip coffee is probably higher than the markup on a latte, come to think of it.

here are quintessential Canadian novels I would write:

  1. The Avro arrow goes to mars (I mean, probably)
  2. Tim Hortons- the downfall of a nation
  3. canadian tire- is everything always on sale?

Build your own air conditioner! SAVE YOUR MONEY!


There is a video that’s been hitting the viral interwebs… infact, here’s the link, if you haven’t already seen it:

I’m TOTALLY gonna make one of these.  Will it actually work in the heat of the summer?  …probably not.  But really, i only need it to work a little bit at strategic times.  My daughter’s room isn’t air conditioned, and our house gets mighty warm in the summer time.  If this thing can blow cool air for like, 30 mins at night time, that would make it worth it.  Or, I suppose, I could buy another air conditioner… but i mean, it’s fun making stuff, right?


Look alive, dairy queen!

Time sensitive indeed!  People!  I want ice cream, not a puddle of milk.
While the rest of the western world is concerned about nuclear war, my main concern is the state of my ice cream.