orange you glad there’s another comic?


Ideas are amazing, intimidating, awesome, scary things…  But you know what’s even scarier?  not having ANY ideas whatsoever.  Time to go eat some cheese!  that’s all I can think about.  That, and that orange cheddar cheese is dyed orange.  Why?  wikipedia doesn’t know the answer, so there IS NO ANSWER.  if you happen to be a cheese… maker… a cheeser?  if you happen to make cheese, and know the answer as to why people like orange dye in their cheese, you should do one of two things!

1)  Tell me
2)  Become a Wikipedia editor and fix their lack of explanation.

How do I cure my lack of ideas?

I don’t.  And that is why you get this comic.  Have a great tuesday!





lots of text today.  its only been a couple days, and already this whole shoulder thing is getting pretty old.  I can draw fine with my Ipad, which I said before… But after about five minutes of drawing, my arm is just sore!  and that isn’t really fun.
The worst thing EVER is when you think you have a completely original idea, and you get really excited about it, and your wheels are spinning, and it’s like fireworks in your brain, and then you tell your idea to someone and they are like ‘Oh yeah!  that’s independence day.  you know!  with will smith?’  When I was trying to write songs, it happened A LOT.  One of my FAVOURITE songs that my brother has ever written, upon a second listen, was actually a Beatles song… both in lyric and in melody.  There was a month or so where I was pretty blatantly ripping off police songs, which really sucked cause I never really listened to the police.
In any case, I sometimes wish I had the ability to write novels!  I LOVE novels.  But who would read them?  I get the feeling that it might be easier to ask a person to take 10 seconds and read a comic then to ask a person to take 10 hours and read a novel.