post-baby haze


20160713_080658I actually MADE a CHX-139b tshirt! I love it. 😀  Just a killer picture.  I forgot how exhausting it is to have a new-born.  I mean, i remember anecdotally how tired i was, but i think the actual memories were repressed in order to maintain my facade of sanity.  IT ALL COMES SCREAMING BACK!

Why cant babies just sleep during the night?  Our new baby is nocturnal, i’m sure of it.



Mobility is its own reward


Landmarks in mobility, working backwards:
10)  Being able to fly on a plane
9)  Being able to drive a car
8)  Being able to take public transit by yourself
7)  Being able to ride a car without a booster seat
6)  Being able to ride a bike
5)  Being able to walk
4)  Being able to ride in a car without a rear-facing seat
3)  Being able to crawl
2)  Being able to roll consecutively in one direction
1)  Being able to flip-over

According to this chart I JUST made up, Josie is only 8 steps away from MOBILITY DOMINATION.

Lil’ Joe isn’t quite walking, or crawling even… but rolling?  Rolling faster than the speed of safety?  Yep.  She’s got that DOWN PAT.  Constant supervision is required.  Baby-proofing is just around the corner.  Honestly!  why are babies always almost fallin’ off of stuff?  Change-tables, couches, normal-tables, bouncy-seats, chairs…left to her own devices, she would roll out of all of them.  PARENTHOOD, amirite?

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SEMANTICS, i tell you!



Seriously!  include some instructions why don’cha!

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