It is time

About once a year or so, I throw my back out. It’s usually by doing something really dumb one day that is obviously a strain on my back, and then doing something really innocent a day or two later that throws it all out of whack. Dumb things include: moving furniture up the stairs by myself. Innocent things include: sneezing.

this time, It’s a bit complicated. I’ve been exercising more then ever in my adult life, but I’ve definitely not been stretching, and i strained my back when I went to pass someone on my bike and torqued suddenly. Yeesh! Hot pads and magic bags for me!


And when I breathe

It’s true. I was sitting at the desk and I turned to look and see what my daughters were up too and that was all it took.

other ridiculous ways I’ve thrown my back out over the years:

  1. Sneezing
  2. stepping out of my car
  3. sitting in awful chairs at a graduation ceremony

I think I’ve only thrown my back out four times, so that about completes the list. Other than asprin, microwaving a magic bag and playing a lot of breath of the wild to kill time and stave off boredom, got any tips?


The hidden dangers of the cajón


Music is a very dangerous thing, you know.

If you’ve never seen a cajón, i’ll quickly explain what it is.  It’s a wooden box, made of various thickness’s of plywood, with a snare (metal beads) stretched across one panel and a sound hole on one panel.  We just got one, and I gotta say, I like it a lot better the djimbe’s or congas or bongos.  You can get a lot of sound out of an instrument so simple, depending on where and how you hit the thing.  i think with some practice it would be sounding close enough to a kick drum and a snare drum that I would prefer to use it at camps and on trips and stuff.  Much easier to transport!  Plus, it doubles as a chair!

Though, there are some dangers associated with it, as I have so illustrated for you today!  I’d like to say that this never happened to me, but that would make me a liar.  It happened to me yesterday… Though, if you’ve ever played one, and you are a guy, you have probably experienced this to some degree as well.  If you’re being honest.  Right?  yes?  no?  oh.

Anyway, they are pretty easy to play, and they are pretty cheap too!  You could probably make your own for under thirty dollars.  If you ever drummed along to the radio on your desk, basically, what you have here is a desk turned into an instrument.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!