To be fair, the internet has made it really easy to talk- and increasingly difficult to listen. The one strategy I’ve seen people embrace wholeheartedly is to reject everything they see on the internet as being valid and treat it all as satire, but that isn’t exactly helping anything, it’s just making people smug.

replace “the internet” with anything and you’ll find Pinocchio is still a liar… but is it reasonable to expect any one thing could solve everything forever? What might that look like?


For $15 more, they would upgrade us to unlimited data. But we don’t really need unlimited data, we just need an extra 100 gigs, and we don’t need to pay more for it. So then, for 15 dollars less a month, we can have 250 gigs more, with faster speeds. Not even a promo. Go figure.

The world without the internet



The internet went out at work and after about five minutes of refreshing the browser and outlook and compulsive “OH MY GOODNESS WORK ALREADY” non-productive mindless clicking around, I realized that the internet isn’t necessary for photocopying, which is what I was setting out to do.  Saturday morning logic!
So on friday, I had the awesome pleasure of being a judge at an oratory competition!  It was really fun, the speeches were all very good.  There was one speech where this grade seven girl made fun of people who rely too much on their smartphones.  I think her tag-line was something along the lines of “smartphones?  more like dumb-phones.”  As I manually added up her score-sheet in my head, a process that took a full thirty times longer than it should have due to my smart-phone induced mush-brain, I realized that for this kid, there probably wasn’t a time where phones were ONLY phones.

For her, phone is a concept that has merged with internet connectivity.

For me, there are times throughout the day where I need to remind myself that my phone can do the tasks that my computer does, and that I really don’t need my computer, or wifi, or any of that.  Sitting there, judging that little girl on friday morning, i’ve never felt so old.