That’s some good crap

It was never going to change the world.

They say write what you know- and I know that it’s usually a bad idea to sit down and draw a comic in the middle of breakfast. So then, the question is: why do I consistently sit down to draw a comic in the middle of breakfast?

yesterday’s comic (about soap) and today’s comic (about breakfast) both point to the same reality: I’m pretty impatient. And dramatic. I wonder if those two things tend to go together?

a truly devious plot

2013-11-21Coffee-dog has taken to being a huge wimp when it comes to doing her business outside.  #1’s are no problem… it’s the #2’s that have become problematic with the 2 degree Celsius temperatures.  While there still may be a bit of prairie left in me, there isn’t an ounce of winter in lil’ coffee-dog.  I’m thinking potty training her might be the appropriate solution… cept she’s so small, she’d probably just fall right in the bowl and drown.