Good point

My phone is truly horrendous to behold. It no longer causes eye strain though! Just in case you’re sick of using your smartphone all the time and wanted to try a similar experiment, here’s what you do (on an iPhone)

Go to settings – general – accessibility – display accommodations. Turn on “smart invert” (it inverts the colour of everything but photos and videos and icons) then turn on colour filters (I put greyscale on). Last but not least, reduce the white point by 100%. The result is a screen that is mostly black most of the time with information visible without the advantage of using colour to organize the information- the user interface is harder to navigate and it makes every app feel like a chore. Demotivating in all the right ways! Finally, being lazy pays off in the formation of a good habit.

The only reason I still have a smartphone is because I use google maps pretty much daily. Else, it’d be a dumb—phone for me!

you would NOT BELIEVE how practical this is! #14 will blow your mind.


My TOP 15 list of incredibly practical pro-tips that will destroy any apple-chic sensibilities!

1)  Carabiner key-chain, attached to your belt-loop
2)  A phone case that attaches to your belt loop (actually, anything to do with belts and belt-loop accessories are a good idea)
3)  ACTUALLY FILLING your cargo shorts’ pockets with cargo
4)  Wearing a hat and taking the stickers off of it
5)  Socks and sandals.  Because, comfort.
6)  IF you have a smart TV, you don’t need an apple TV
7)  iTunes isn’t the only online music obtaining option
8)  If you don’t wanna carry a wallet, put your dolla billz in your SOCK
9)   Rubber boots are TOTALLY fine to wear on a date if it’s raining (if you don’t have rubber boots, just get a bag and an elastic band, and put the bag over your shoes and elastic-band em to seal it to your ankle.)
10)  Wearing a hat and curving the brim gives better sun-protection
11)  Cardigans are dumb, wear a sweatshirt for optimum warmth
12)  Wear those sunglasses that go over your existing sunglasses that cataracts patients have to wear
13)  TOMS shoes fall apart at an ALARMING rate.  Just sayin’.
14)  Fanny packs are actually super practical, tourists have no problem with them
15)  U2 isn’t the first band to give their music away for free, you can actually find a LOT of awesome music for free (legally) with a simple google search.

Well, the iphone 6 is chocked full of new features my android phone apparently already has (although i didn’t know it).  IF there is one thing apple is good at doing, it’s taking existing ideas and making them seem earth-shattering and exclusive.

EDIT- oh, i’m still gonna get that free U2 album.  Free music!~  yay!  (although, I use ad-supported Rdio, so… more free music!)


The great migration

2014-8-14So I switched from my iphone to a galaxy note III!  why?  

Well, for one, my contract was up for renewal (i actually had my iPhone 4 through to the end of my 3 year contract), so with incentive stuff, i got my note for $25.  …which meant i could spend money on an otterbox case, which makes a comically big phone catastrophically large.  i think it’s awesome.

Some pros:  within the first five minutes, i had a playstation emulator running my favourite PSone games from back in the day.  All of the google apps are super intuitive, suprisingly so.  I love the camera, it’s good.  Also, it’s nice to have some change.

Some cons:  Samsung has it’s own app for everything, on top of all the android apps that are included, which is ridiculous.  I’ll have to find someone who knows which one i should actually use and get rid of the rest.

  My text messages don’t work super great, I kept the same phone number which means all my friends with iPhones can’t text me right now, until i get that sorted out (thanks steph for the sign-out tip- i’ll give that a go).

  In any case, my phone now has better stats then any computer in my house, so that’s kinda fun.

Also- once i get the hang of drawing with the S-pen, i plan on doing the odd comic on there.  Should be GOOD!  YAY!

Have a great… I wanna say thursday? what day is it?  I love vacation.


PSA: people are standing RIGHT BESIDE YOU.


Alright!  When I was in highschool, no one had cell phones.  I didn’t even see an ipod until my first year of college, and I didn’t even know about text messages until I was out of college.  Indulge me in revisiting the “good ol’ days”, aka, about ten years ago.

If you wanted to be mean to someone, you had to do it to their face.  If you wanted to flirt with someone, you had to risk public humiliation.  If you wanted to be kind to someone, everyone knew, and could judge you for it.  Notes could get intercepted, so you were a little more careful what you would write in them.  The risks were higher, and the rewards were about a billion times more satisfying.

But kids these days!  they seem to think that texts are as good as it gets, because it’s all they’ve ever experienced!  how sad.

It’s a little sick, how socially acceptable it is to sit with people and completely ignore them.  Heaven forbid, you’re the kid that actually wants to talk to people face to face, and puts your cell phone away!  That’s the kid who talks to adults, because none of the other kids know what to do with actual human interaction.

Ok, old man rant over.

you’ve let me down for the last time, iTunes


One of my favourite parts about being married is having someone to share all my stupid jokes with.  Once in a while, when I think my stupid joke is pretty funny and un-top-able, Diana will really pull through and one up me!  It leaves me speechless!  Even if it’s actually really funny, I don’t usually laugh when she one up’s me, because Diana is usually laughing hard enough for both of us!  Which is another one of my favourite parts about being married.

Take today’s comic for example!  This happened verbatim.  In this case, I said “shuf-fail”, and I thought it was funny and smirked to myself.  Then Diana said it wasn’t funny, and called it a “Shauf-fail”, (shauf being my last name), and then she laughed and laughed and laughed.  I had to admit, it was better then mine! haha.  Either way, we still had to go over and change the song MANUALLY.

So why didn’t I make the punch-line to the comic, “this is a shauf-fail?”  Cause neither of the characters is named “shauf”, and while I am, I don’t feel like breaking the fourth wall.  Maybe that’s a shauf-fail?  whatevs.  Have a great wednesday everyone!


the plight of the flappy bird


SO!  i have an iphone 4.  Not a 4s, not a 5, not a 5s or a 5c, just a regular-old first-wack-at-the-retina-screen iphone 4.  And while flappy bird isn’t an especially graphically demanding game, it is certainly a game that, combined with the constant need to load ads and put them over the game-play screen, my phone can not handle.

(or at least, that’s my excuse for my abysmally low score)

Whatever happened to the games you could, you know, buy for $5, and never see any ads ever again?  Now it’s all this freemium malarkey!  HUMBUG.  I’d rather drop a dollar on a game i know is gonna be fun than attempt to play a game where 50% of the screen real estate is dedicated to distracting ads.

Anyways!  Flap on, flappy bird peeps.



2013-10-4SO.  I won’t comment much, i will just say iOS7 is pretty, and has made my iPhone 4 pretty much useless.  It is laggy, slow, iMessage no longer works reliably, and my home button stops working for hours at a time (and i’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware issue).  I wish I could go back to iOS6, the improvements they made (and there are some) are not enough to want me keep it on iOS7.
I am on the sunshine coast!  it is beautiful.  We are staying in a house with some friends, the house is three stories with three balconies, one of which opens onto the ocean-front beach.  Each room has its own bathroom, a couple of them have jet tubs.  The only downside:  I have to draw on my tiny bamboo tablet and laptop-sized screen.