iphone five

honestly, this would be the simplest solution to the iPhone five problem…. which is, i think, this:  everyone likes the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4s, but androids are pretty dang cool, and I think people are making the switch purely because the screen is big enough that you can see it.  The trump card: Make the next generation of iPhones into the current generation of MacBooks.  it would save apple development costs, cause they already make MacBooks.  People wouldn’t mind carrying them around, i’m sure it could be marketed as a north american status symbol!  Bigger is better!  If android phones have a screen that is twice as big as the iPhones, how much more awesome would it be if your iPHONE was eight times the size of an android phone!? Plus, it would be a good workout!  Good for the ol’ health meter.  They can put a spin on that, apple has the best ad men in the world!