it should be an Olympic sport

This was an actual conversation I had while on a walk with my daughter this morning! We both agreed that it should be an Olympic sport, and that we would pay to watch it.

There’s a career I could get behind

I guarantee you that, employed at Exxon mobile, there are social media influencers and facilitators. Somewhere in America, there is a girl who dreams of doing what her mom does (and the poor kid doesn’t even know how horrible the dmv actually is). I’m sure there’s even a law firm that only works with hemorrhoid companies…. it’s called baker and pooper, and I don’t know why I’m writing these words.

what I do know is this:

Today, on the radio, I heard an ad compelling to Stop going to my current gas station “that I’ve been going to for years” and “make the switch” to whatever there gas station was, because they have quality gasoline products and a point rewards ststem. The brand loyalty I feel towards any gas station is exactly 0%, and the thought that I have a preference as to which gas station I go to actually made me chortle. CHORTLE, I SAY! I prefer going to gas stations that are on the right, and have an exit where I can turn right, that is on the way to where I am going. If a brand can somehow harness that, they’ll have my business.

Bryce Wanely Enterprises





Here is another week, summed up in one place!  If you are the kind of person that likes to check websites every day, if you find your mouse hovering over the URL bar and your hands just itching to type in an address (and your sick of twitter, facebook, tumblr and reddit), WHY NOT come to every week day?  you get these little tales one bit at a time.  Ever since I changed the site to more of a webcomic layout, for some reason the weekly updates don’t post to the wordpress reader or to the email list!  SO! here are your options:  Continue to get this weekly summary in your inbox once a week, OR, come every day and check them out!  I make no money on ads, so it really makes no difference to me!  i’m just happy to know people are reading these.  Have a great weekend everyone!  See you on monday (or next saturday!).

of fish and apples



based on an actual conversation! …though not one had with applecare.  ’twas a conversation with my own wife!  too often this expression is used to get out of helping someone.  too often indeed… man i’m lazy.

today is diana’s due date! no baby yet, though.