ain’t I a stinker?

cg62a 100

I actually really like this one.  I’ve actually been really liking this lately…  This comic, the story line.  I sound surprised, maybe?  I guess any time I get attached to a creative project, especially when it takes a lot of work and i spend so much time dwelling on it and trying to make it happen, I go through stages of loving it, and hating it, and wishing it was something it wasn’t, and being satisfied with it, and etc.   It feels better then the gag-a-days i used to do with these characters, mostly because i don’t think gag-a-days make sense when you have specific characters pulling them off?  I don’t know.  I’m trying to think that through, cause there are aspects of discontinuity that are attractive.  Right now, i feel pretty good about what this strip is…  I just wish it was more accessible.  I want it to be good, and I think it’s getting there… a good comic strip with good art and good writing and good jokes and a worth while read.
If this is the first comic you’ve read of this series, i want to point out that if you click the “Snow day” link at the top of the page, it will take you to a mega-page that has the entire storyline laid out for ease of readability!  it’ll take a while to load.
So one thing that is difficult is remembering to draw any modifications i’ve made to any of these characters.  For example, for charlie, I keep forgetting to draw the rips in the back of the shirt.  I found out that those rips are 3 kilobytes, and i know this because the first version of the comic, i forgot to draw em in.  It’s not that big of a deal, but it is something i should remember to do for consistency’s sake.  Persephone’s purse or bag or whatever is another thing i keep forgetting to draw, and having to go back and put it in.  Also, apparently the first few comics of this year, i drew a year in advance, because I keep forgetting that it is 2013.
2012 was just such an epic sounding year!  the WORLD was supposed to end, so, you know, that tends to make it a year that is easy to remember… but 2013?  meh.