Space Chuck Web: 14

Spacechuck web 14

The saga soldiers on!

I hope everyone’s christmas was enjoyable!  mine was good, lots of family hang-out-times, lots of movies watched and games played.  On saturday, i slept in until like 10pm, which was awesome.

So, you know how my original plan was to update once a week during the duration of this story, and then i was like, “nope, twice a week!”  well, i think time-wise, i need to go back down to once a week.  I am finding that I am slacking on the art to meet the twice-a-week deadline, which is kind of defeating the purpose of this whole story (the purpose being to push the art beyond what i can currently do).  SO!  Mondays it is.  If i have extra time throughout the week, i’ll make the art better or do extra pages, but it’ll still update on mondays.

OK!  thanks for your patience!  😀