GoGo Weekly: Aug 21st, 2022

Let’s start this week’s GoGo Weekly off right, with an ART VIDEO filmed in glorious true 4k thanks to my bro’s sweet sweet camera!

I really really like making these art videos for a couple of reasons: it’s a fun excuse to make some chill background music and have a place to put it, and it’s filling my sketchbook with drawings that don’t suck! It’s weird how sometimes a project with defined parameters can really help me to slow down and make art I’m happy with. If I wasn’t making art videos, I wouldn’t sit down to sketch, let alone take the time to ink and paint stuff. I don’t know why my brain is that way but it is. Anyways, here’s another one:

I’ve also made some comics this week, including these weird little dudes:

I’ll make sure to make more of these mice comics when I get the chance. I love that they have no words, because that means little kids can get the jokes without needing to be able to read. …but maybe they’re a bit slapstick? But kids like slapstick? But maybe that’s not the best thing to encourage? ahhh i dunno. But they are fun to make!

I also made some more regular comics this week. AAAAND I want to comment on ’em each specifically, so BUCKLE UP!

It’s true, I’m back to school. Online school is basically what took the wind out of my sails when I was working on my masters at ACTS seminaries. To be sure, I took a few online classes that were MEANT to be online classes and I loved them- but when EVERYTHING transitioned to online classes, it was an absolute gong-show. Not every type of content is good to learn through (at best) video lectures or (at worst) forcing people to participate in the stupidest message-board conversations you’ve ever seen. BUT I am optimistic that this will be different- different course content, different school environment, etc etc etc.

To be sure, I DO know HOW to keep a pot of pasta from boiling over. I just don’t employ any of these methods when it comes to actually making pasta. People gave me some good tips though- use a bigger pot, put oil on top of the water, reduce heat, stir occasionally, etc and I endorse all of ’em, I just don’t do any of em. Maybe it’s intentional, maybe it’s laziness, but that dang pot always boils over and I’m left with a big ol’ mess to clean up. I suppose the exception would be vermicelli, but that’s because you cut the heat once the water boils and you put the noodles in.

I drew this comic at HumptyCon, a gaming convention put on by my buddy Seth. Good times!

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  3. Also…

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